Trade Days
Vendor Rules and Regulations


1.VENDOR LOTS. Management shall designate selling areas (lots.) Reservation Deposit required. Deposit will be refunded after Space is Cleaned & Vacated. No deposits are refunded if vendor does not attend or notify Management in advance. Each vendor shall conduct business only within the confines of his/her designated lot(s). No construction such as tables, racks, walls, etc., may be built without prior management consent. Merchandise is to remain within the boundaries of the leased space. Management will provide daily trash pick up from EPTD Trash Barrels - Vendors are responsible for the daily disposal of their customer, booth and personal trash in designated dumpsters. Lots are to be paid for before merchandise is put on display. Cancellation is permitted and the lot payment will be applied to the next event if a Vendor gives management one (1) week notice prior to the show. Returned Check charges are $ 25. Also see Dealer Parking below (No. 6.)

2. LOT SECURITY. Merchandise left on the grounds is done so entirely at the risk of the owner. Management will provide security on the grounds, but there are no guarantees. Management is not responsible for lost, stolen, damaged merchandise personal property or vehicles while on premises.

3.VENDOR LOT RENEWALS. Lots can be renewed on a first come first serve and subject to consent of Management. All vendors have first option to renew the space that they are placed in the current month. Vendors have until the Friday following the current show to pay rent to renew their lot. Renewal of lots may be made during the show at the office for the following event a Vendor will lose their pre-leased lot if not paid for by Sunday at 6:00 PM of the event prior to the next show.

4. VENDOR LOT RECEIPTS. Egypt Plantation Antique Trade Days lot receipts are issued for the purpose of admitting said vendor only on the grounds. All vendors are issued when lots are paid at the beginning of each event before merchandise is set up. A Vendor Receipt must be presented when renewing lot(s).

5. SUBLEASING. No subleasing, except Mall/Co-Op Businesses, of lots will be allowed. Id's may periodically be requested.

6. DEALER PARKING. Free Parking in Designated Dealer Only Parking Area. One vendor receipt is required for each vehicle and/or trailer and must be visible when entering and parked on vendor lots. Vehicles or trailers that do not park on designated dealers parking lot must have a parking lot sticker that can be obtained at the office. Instructions on where and how to park will be given when receipts/stickers are issued. Vehicles parked illegally or on a lot not assigned to the vehicle owner will be towed at the owner's expenses. Vehicles or trailers remaining on the grounds after 12 Noon Monday can make fee arrangements with Management. Unattended, unauthorized vehicles or trailers will be impounded.

7. ON SITE TRAFFIC. No unauthorized motorized vehicles or golf carts can be used on the show area premises. Pedestrians have the right of way. No vehicles can park or unload on the State Highway Right of Way.

8. SETUP & BREAKDOWN. Vendors must set up before the morning show starts - late arrivals will have to wait to set up until the daily show period is over. If Management has not heard from Vendor by 9:00 AM Friday of the show, EP will re-rent the lot. Note: Vendors are responsible for contacting Management if they cannot attend. Vendors may not break down/leave their selling area prior to Sunday at 5:00 PM- unexcused, early breakdowns may result in penalties.
Setup Times: THURSDAY 10 am thru SATURDAY before 8:30 AM
Show Hours: FRI. SAT. SUN. 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Break down Times: SUN. after 5:00 PM

9. FOOD VENDING. Food items must be sold from a concession stand that meets the State of Texas Health Department standards. The sale of any food items requires management's approval. Vendor must provide Management a copy of State Health Permit or proof of food source from State Health Approved place of business(ie. Catering kitchen, store, dairy, meat market, etc.)

10. MERCHANDISE & SELLING TECHNIQUE RESTRICTIONS. Management reserves the right to restrict the sale, display or distribution of any printed materials, photographs, books, paraphernalia or other representation in order to maintain a proper moral, wholesome environment. No one shall bring upon or distribute any political religious or solicitous matter or handbills without prior and written consent of management. Spaces cannot be used for Raffles, Lotteries or Auctions without consent of Management.

11. PETS & CHILDREN. No vicious animals are allowed on the premises. In addition, no animals, including pets, shall be sold or exhibited. Parents or guardians are responsible for minor children or pets brought onto the premises. All animals (pets) must be kept inside R.V.'s or kennels.

12. WASTEWATER DISPOSAL. In accordance with the Texas State law: wastewater of any type may no be discharged into or flow into a public place, gutter, street, creek, etc.

13. OFFICE SUPPORT SERVICES. Office opens FRIDAY, SATURDAY and SUNDAY from 8:00 am to 7:00 PM. The office will not cash checks or accept two-party checks. Referrals are available to area lodging, entertainment and other area services. Tent, table, display cabinets and shelving rental available - reservations are encouraged. Advertising, Mall Space rentals are available.

14. MANAGEMENT RESERVES THE RIGHT TO REFUSE SERVICE TO ANYONE. Failure to comply with listed rules may result in removal from premises.

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